About Us

About Us

Hobiss is an e-marketplace providing various business integrated solutions for self-employed, freelancers, stylists, experts, home businesses, micro projects, small enterprise and more, that help them to manage, develop, and grow their business profitability and prosperity.

Hobiss provides its services in 28 main sectors and over 180 sub-sectors, including food, fashion, beauty, sewing, handcrafting, learning, technology, software and design, fitness, houses fixing, painting and photography, educational services, and more.

Hobiss is operated by Hobiss Microbiz LTD, subsidiary of Knowillion Consulting Company.

Our Story

The microenterprise sector is one of the fastest growing, most developed and widest spread around the world today. It is the highest earning sector as it makes 87% of the global average. It is also one of the most innovative sectors; most international technology-oriented companies began as microenterprises. So, whenever microenterprises meet an investment opportunity, their chances to grow and succeed increase.

Also, in light of the ever-growing number of internet and smartphone users, most companies have implemented or totally shifted to M-Commerce, recognizing its popularity, efficiency and cost effectiveness. The microenterprise sector however, does not have the support of an online application that provides a professional environment, even though the sector is the largest of any economy. As the applications available today lack creative space and innovative solutions which inhibits any prospects of growth or success.

As a result, most of microenterprise owners often resort to social media as a main platform to promote and market their projects. This provides limited exposure and no solutions for business management. Microenterprise owners also often endure high cost fees and expenses of seasonal and/or annual fares and local exhibitions.

Targeted Markets

Hobbis initial launch till 2020 with be in the following markets:

  • Kuwait
  • Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • England

Hobiss is going to target new markets including France, Egypt, and Jordan in next phase.